About the Team

The Shorecrest Dance Team's purpose is to promote diversity within the community by using hip-hop dance as its medium. The students develop a sense of camaraderie with their fellow teammates while learning teamwork, responsibility, and the art of hip-hop dance.

The hip-hop program at Shorecrest allows students with LITTLE to NO DANCE EXPERIENCE audition for the team and learn the fundamentals of hip hop dance. It was always important for the program to be able to bring in all levels of dancers so that students of all backgrounds can experience personal growth through dance. This is accomplished through a carefully designed program giving the students the opportunity to learn, lead, and be involved with the process according to their level of seniority. The Shorecrest Dance Team students have received their training and direction from their choreographers and coaches, Rex Kinney and Angelo Buelva. The team comprises of 43 students between the JV and Varsity Teams.


Founded in 1993 by Shorecrest alum, Katherine Jimenez, the team consisted of co-ed students with the passion for learning how to dance. In its early stages, Shorecrest Hip Hop was just a regular after-school club and activity. Since then it has transformed into so much more by offering its members a one of a kind experience that instills positive life-lessons and social skills through the discipline of dance. In 2001, Robin Martin, the career counselor at the time at Shorecrest, become the new advisor and brought four Shorecrest alum (Kenny Harlow, Robert Luu, Godfrey Reboja, and Rex Kinney) back to revamp and reinvigorate the program. After a successful re-launch of the program, the direction of the group shifted from an after school activity to a competitive dance team through the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) Dance/Drill. Rex Kinney became the head coach in 2002. At that time there was no hip-hop category for the group to compete in. The team was forced to compete alongside groups in Military, Pom, Jazz/Dance category. After several years of competing and staying true to their style of dance, along with a small number of schools, their presence helped to get WIAA Dance/Drill to add "HIP HOP" as a recognized category. Since then the Shorecrest Hip Hop team has won 10 consecutive District Titles, 5 State Titles, and 3 National Titles. From 2010-2015, Angelo Buelva was the Assistant Coach and Choreographer. A JV Team was formed to serve as a training ground for future Varsity members and to give dance opportunities to more students at Shorecrest. In 2015, John Roque, a former SC alum and dance team member, took over as the JV Coach. Jacqui Drew is the current school advisor for the team. She is a Shorecrest staff and a parent of a former dance team member

Meet our team

Our program leaders consist of dance professionals and educators that are driven to give our students the best experience as possible.

Rex Kinney

Program Director
Head Coach - Choreographer

Zahra Masaoka

Varsity Assistant Coach

Grace Masaoka

JV Coach

Jacqui Drew

School Advisor

Mya Norton

Dance Captain

Keith Echague

Dance Captain

2016-2017 JV & Varsity Teams

35 Members

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